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Help Wanted!


Please contact us in the forum if you are interested in becoming an independent contributor and tag your discussion with "๐Ÿ’ก Ideas" - the process is outlined here.

Call for Contributions

We are looking for independent collaborators to:

The Core Developers are able to help smooth the process of making a contribution.

Why Contribute?

Why would you freely give up your labour and contribute to an open-source project? Firstly, contributing to an open-source project is excellent for one's professional development as a software engineer. Take the example of the author, who started contributing to an open-source project during his PhD and developed important DevOp skills. It was greatly responsible for his scoring an internship in Industry and kickstarting his career. Contributors will be recognised both here and here.

Another reason is that it is inherently satisfying to make. By contributing to FlowTorch you will be creating useful components that will have a concrete impact. Finally, a main motivation behind FlowTorch is to advance scientific knowledge around representing probability distributions and their applications - by contributing to FlowTorch you are contributing to the advancement of science!

See here for a more detailed essay on the philosophy of open-source.

Code of Conduct

As a contributor, you agree to abide by the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. In a nutshell, the code says Be Excellent to Each Other! Please report any suspected violations to the Core Developers.